Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Landfill Biogas (LFG)

Within renewable energy studies, Vespower is active on producing electricity from landfill biogas in many regions and started the installation of power plant solid waste facility.

More than %50 of landfill biogas is methane gas and it occurs during the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances, municipal solid waste, trade and industrial effluents. Being the most important greenhouse gas damaging the CO2 balance in atmosphere, methane causes 21 times more harm to the atmosphere in proportion to equivalent gases. Transforming landfill biogas into energy becomes more of an issue for nature.

The formation of landfill biogas depends on many factors like waste composition, length, density and temperature of waste area storage, atmospheric pressure rain level, waste combination, compressing and moisture.

Vespower makes a difference among its competitors about waste area design, professional management of wastes, extracting maximum gas and electricity production. Having a considerable experience, Vesmec provides maximum income opportunity for both nature and related municipalities

Vespower is active on producing electricity from landfill biogas in many regions and started first electricity power plant from solid waste facility in 2017.

Electricity Generation from Landfill Biogas (LFG)

  • Smooth operation despite low heating value and fluctuations in gas composition and pressure
  • Electrical efficiency of up to 42%
  • Alternative disposal of a harmful gas while simultaneously harnessing it as an energy source
  • The use of the energy obtained from the waste gas via the electricity grid
  • Quick installation of additional production capacity according to the amount of waste changing and increasing in the process
  • Ease of production of integrated exhaust cleaning solutions compatible with emission standards
  • Up to 90% efficiency in the case of combined heat and power.
  • Electricity and Heat Generation as Renewable Energy.

Manandona Hydroelectric Power Plant

Manandona Hydroelectric Power Plant was a non-operational plant waiting for the care.

With its experienced team, Vespower successfully completed the rehabilitation on time and upgraded its power and now the plant is fully operating and lighting the city with most ecological way.