Over 20 years of experience with repairing, operating and consulting team, Vespower has been established to invest its own power plant projects targeting the domestic energy market globally.

Vespower became a unique company based in Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa with the capabilities to implement Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and Land Fill BioGas Power Plants including low scales as investor-operator of various forms of energy on a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme with no upfront costs to utilities.

As such, we have successfully undertaken the construction and refurbishment of power plants totaling +150 MWs by using our own resources within the 12 months.

Vespower provides;

  • Best HFO technology to replace expensive electricity generation such as Diesel Generators.
  • Guarantees fast track project completion and electricity generation.
  • Cheap and high-quality electricity with the ability to install and operate at remote locations.
  • Our operational model has the propensity to circumvent the construction of unnecessary transmission lines by providing bespoke services tailored towards the needs of the customer.
  • Solutions for both Greenfield and Brown field projects without upfront cost to the host Government.
  • The duration of the Built Operate and Transfer period is relatively short to ensure that the ware and tare period of the engines remains relatively good after the end of the BOT.
  • Our reliable and efficient services will provide a unique opportunity to the utility company to extend valuable services to the domestic and industrial consumers thus increase revenue base.
  • Guarantees for fuel consumption and annual power availability as a result of Grid stability of our power plants and the sustainability of our services.