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Over 20 years of experience with repairing, operating and consulting team, Vespower has been established to invest its own power plant projects targeting the domestic energy market globally.

Vespower became a unique company based in Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa with the capabilities to implement Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and Land Fill BioGas Power Plants including low scales as investor-operator of various forms of energy on a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme with no upfront costs to utilities.

As such, we have successfully undertaken the construction and refurbishment of power plants totaling +150 MWs by using our own resources within the 12 months.

Renewable Energy

Landfill Biogas (LFG)

Within renewable energy studies, Vespower is active on producing electricity from landfill biogas in many regions and started the installation of power plant having solid waste facility.

Vespower consults and provides flexible business solutions to its clients in order to fulfill their needs in power generation.

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Our Business Model for Power Plants

Our business is structured in three main schemes:
-Build- Operate-Transfer

Renewable Energy
Power Plants
Sectors and Solutions